One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was “be you in therapy, otherwise, clients will see right through the act.”
So, genuineness combined with compassion is what you can expect. Clients who work best with me are those who come prepared to work on issues that are holding them back and allow me to be very active in session. Sitting passively listening to venting is not helpful to the client nor does it utilize my expertise. Instead, I will ask thought provoking questions to explore where these problems originate from, determine why the problems continue, and teach the client skills that they will utilize to stop these continual issues.


I received my Bachelors of Science in Experimental Psychology at University of South Carolina Upstate. Because of the invaluable experience I gained from my professors, I currently teach there in addition to my therapy practice, to mentor students as I once was. I earned my Master of Science in Applied Clinical Psychology at University of South Carolina Aiken. The program is considered "Applied" because it required us not only to learn about evidenced-based therapy methods but also to utilize them during the internships we completed.
After graduation, I returned to Greenville and began working for a state agency where I had the opportunity to increase my skills with hundreds of clients with varying disorders and backgrounds. I also began the Licensed Professional Counselor journey during this time and began thinking of a career outside of the agency- which is why you are on my website now.