The most important part of therapy with teenagers is forming a strong bond. After this happens, I am able to explore and challenge their thoughts and actions without them feeling the need to become defensive or withdrawing- thus, more progress.
By the time your child reaches the teenage years they should be able to identify complex emotions (i.e. frustration, envy, pride, empathy). They should also be able to recognize what causes them to feel various emotions as well as be in the process of learning how to control emotions. However, many teenagers have difficulty with the latter.
In our first few sessions, we will determine goals for therapy and I will assess their ability to identify, express, and manage emotions. We will also gain insight into your family’s communication style and how to improve if needed. Your role as a parent will be critical in our progress, so I will include you not only in therapy sessions but also in completing activities with your child to maximize therapeutic gains. Every parent wants a close relationship with their child and for them to thrive, let me help your family get there.