It probably isn't what you are imagining...

People joke about therapy involving a client laying on a couch and venting about all their problems while a therapists quietly takes notes. This may be true of some, but that isn’t me. I am extremely active and energetic in therapy all while fostering a laid back and comfortable environment. I am not the type who will sit in a chair and give you advice starting with “If I was you…”.  I help you figure out solutions to problems that align with your lifestyle and beliefs.
In the first session (usually 60-75 minutes) I ask a bunch of questions to learn all about why you want help and if I’m the best fit for your family (if I’m not, I’ll help you find someone who is). Then in the next few sessions (either 55 minutes or 90 minutes, if needed), WE come up with actual goals and ways to achieve them.
After that, depending on what needs to be worked on I start teaching skills, asking processing questions or completing activities to gain insight into why behavior is happening, etc. It is a tailored approach unique to you.

One of the main reasons people say they don’t seek therapy is because of money. While therapy is a financial investment, it is also an investment in the future for a better quality of life. The upfront cost sometimes surprises people, but when thinking about a lifetime, it is ultimately a short-term investment for a long-term pay off.


While I do not file insurance, I am happy to file out of network claims.
I highly encourage checking with your insurance company to determine if they possibly reimburse for out of network sessions. If not, often they will allow you to apply the session expenses towards your deductible, which can be very helpful.
Health Savings and Flexible Spending accounts using your pre-tax dollars is accepted. I also suggest talking with your CPA about deducting therapy expenses from your taxes as an out-of-pocket expense.


  • Initial intake assessment $125
    • This includes a complete review of your intake paperwork, an individualized treatment plan that will include measurable and objective goals, as well as customary care coordination with any other professionals involved in your care.
    • If you're under the care of a physician, psychiatrist, or any other provider, I am happy to reach out to those professionals with your permission. For children, this includes talking to parents (not in home), teachers, coaches, and others who can help with insight.
  • 55 minute sessions $100
  • 90 minute sessions $150
  • Therapeutic phone calls $25 per 30 minutes